One of our clients’ most common worries is cost. Be careful when you’re talking to lawyers to make sure you get a full picture of how much they’re going to charge you for everything.

For DUI cases in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade, our minimum fees are below. In some cases fees and expenses will be higher, such as repeat offenses, accident cases with injuries, distant courts and there may be others.

Misdemeanor $2500 for us to negotiate a deal for you. $5500 up front to fight a case,
with an additional $5000 for trial.
Felony $5000 for us to negotiate a deal. $9500 up front to fight a case,
with an additional $7500 for trial.

For cases we’re fighting, we will often recommend hiring a forensic breath alcohol and field sobriety test expert witness. The expert will typically charge at least $1000 for the initial review, and at least another $1500 to appear for a trial. This is for a local non-medical expert. Some experts will cost a lot more, due to distance and/or specialty.

We accept payment through PayPal, including MasterCard, Visa and Discover. We also accept payment through Dwolla.

PayPal: Up-Front Fee; Trials Cost Extra