Florida DUI for Out-of-State Clients

Deals on Florida DUI for Out-of-State clients

A Florida DUI conviction means different things in different states. Some lawyers might encourage you to take a deal. That deal may be better for Florida drivers, but might not be better for you in your home state. For many out-of-state drivers, it is worth fighting the DUI charge. Being from another state creates problems but also may have advantages.

Here are some key things out-of-state drivers should ask your lawyer about any deal:

  • How will the deal affect me in my home state, province or country?
  • Will it affect my ability to travel to other countries?
  • Will a DUI conviction make it hard for me to get a job, or cause me to lose my job?
  • What will a DUI do to my professional license?

If you are from another state and facing DUI charges here in Florida, you should talk to a lawyer who understands these issues. Warren Redlich has 17 years of experience as a New York trial lawyer. He has worked with clients from many states on how violations affect drivers from other states.

Fighting Florida DUI cases for Out-of-State clients

When you face a Florida DUI, your Florida driving privileges will typically be suspended within 10 days. This is a big deal for Florida drivers, but often not important for out-of-state drivers. Many Florida DUI lawyers will suggest fighting the suspension, but this costs money and may not be the best strategic option for your case, especially if you are from another state.

The hearing costs you extra money. The attorney has to do more work and will charge you more money for doing it. If the Florida suspension doesn’t affect you, then it’s a waste of your money. A lawyer might tell you that doing the hearing is an advantage. That may be true in some cases, but we usually prefer not to do the hearing if you don’t need to drive in Florida. You should talk with the lawyer about the advantages and disadvantages of doing the hearing in your case.
One thing to watch out for is when your home state license expires. The Florida suspension may cause your home state not to renew your license. If your license renewal is due in a few months, then it might make sense to challenge the Florida suspension. But if your license doesn’t expire for three years, you should not have a problem.